Run ManageIQ using Docker

Containerize ManageIQ

Docker image for ManageIQ is available. It can be run in Docker container. There are also other options like Public cloud or Vagrant to get started with ManageIQ. It can run everywhere Docker is available.

First thing, you have to install Docker in your system. Follow instructions in Docker docs to install Docker.

Start Docker service using

$ sudo service docker start

Step 1: Pull Docker image of ManageIQ

$ sudo docker pull manageiq/manageiq:fine-3

It will download ManageIQ Fine-3 image from Docker registry. To see image list, run this

$ sudo docker images ls

Stpe 2: Run Docker container

$ sudo docker run --privileged -d -p 8443:443 manageiq/manageiq:fine-3

It will run container in detached mode. To see a list of running containers, execute

$ sudo docker ps

Now ManageIQ container is up and running at IP address

It has username as admin and the password is smartvm. Get the login and explore the world of ManageIQ.