Open Source Discussion platform

Let’s discuss, share, experience

I am part of the RIT India Linux Users' Group (an acronym as RITINLUG) in our college. Our tag-line explains about us, which says “Where Learning is Fun and Sharing is a Learning Methodology”

As a student, I am lucky that I use F/OSS for my all activities in college. Because of that, whenever I need, I can see source code of that software. We are the members of lug, loves open source technologies and try to uses these by our own. Everyone works on their own favourite technology and also share their work with us. There are lots of new comers who are interested in learning open source software and many of them face difficulties while learning. However there are people in our college, those have better knowledge of free open source. So to fill this gap, We have started open source discussion platform for all.

The idea behind this discussion session is to help others while sharing your knowledge with them. This is weekly session, and everyone participate in this by their own interest.

First Discussion

First session started with my classmates and juniors. Many of them were new to open source. So our discussion started with open source. We discovered about Free software movement in past by Richard Stallman. We understood what the free software means?(Free as in freedom, not free as in beer) Then we talked about GNU project announced in 1983, then used Linux kernel, which was the hobby project of Linus Torvalds.

We also discussed about difficulties we face while using proprietary softwares and how they can overcome by using open source tools. This topics was really interesting for us.


Next, we started with our original topic of the day. Students gathered there for the session were new to Ansible. So they were eager to know about basics of Ansible. Ansible is the widely used automation tool.

Starting from basics, we discussed about use cases of the Ansible. We saw the functionality as well. We understood concepts like inventory, hosts, modules, playbooks etc. Many of them, comes up with an errors while running ansible commands and executing playbooks. They shared their solution for the errors with others, this achieved main purpose behind this session.

In this 2 hrs of session, I personally learnt many things. We will be continue such session in every week for us and for all enthusiast.