1% Better Every Day by James Clear

My notes of 1% Better Every Day - James Clear at ConvertKit Craft + Commerce 2017 talk.

The aggregation of marginal gains.

To explain this, speaker talks about bicycle group example that work on small improvement to achieve an goal.

Improve 1% each day that compound to end up 37% times better at end of year.

Habits are compound interest of self-improvement.

Framework of building good habits.

4 stages of habit formation:

  • noticing

    implementation intention

    Many people think that they lack motivation when they really lack is clarity.

    failure premortem

  • wanting

    driver of your habits is your physical environment Don’t rely on self-power and self-control

  • doing

    quantity vs quality 2 minute rule Optimize for the starting line, not the finish line

  • liking

    repeat behaviours because we like them The Seinfeld Strategy. (Don’t break the chain) Never miss twice