Struct in Go

Declare a struct:

type person struct {
    name, lastname   string
    age              int

var alice struct {
    name, lastname   string
    age              int

Struct instance:

picasso := person{
    name:     "Pablo",
    lastname: "Picasso",
    age:      91,
} = "Alice"
alice.lastname = "Wonderland"
alice.age = 21

Note: Struct can be compared. You can’t compare struct values that contains incomparable fields. You need to compare them manually.

Embed struct to another struct:

type text struct {
    title string
    words int

type book struct {
    // embed the text
    isbn  string

Say b1 is instance of book stuct, then b1.title is equal to b1.text.title and b1.words is equal to b1.text.words.

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