Embedded Ansible in ManageIQ

Ansible Automation inside ManageIQ

ManageIQ natively supports Ansible automation since Fine release. So it is possible to automate resources in infrastructure or cloud. Previously it was using Automate Datastore, for that scripts were written in the Ruby language. To start using Ansible inside ManageIQ, you have to enable Embedded Ansible server role in configuration. It will install ansible-tower-server without web interface. This takes time depending upon internet speed and appliance specifications. Also, this option uses Ansible Tower only through API. [Read More]

Run ManageIQ using Docker

Containerize ManageIQ

Docker image for ManageIQ is available. It can be run in Docker container. There are also other options like Public cloud or Vagrant to get started with ManageIQ. It can run everywhere Docker is available. First thing, you have to install Docker in your system. Follow instructions in Docker docs to install Docker. Start Docker service using $ sudo service docker start Step 1: Pull Docker image of ManageIQ $ sudo docker pull manageiq/manageiq:fine-3 It will download ManageIQ Fine-3 image from Docker registry. [Read More]

What is ManageIQ?

Discover, Optimize and Control your Hybrid IT

In simplest form, ManageIQ is the management platform for Hybrid cloud. It gives an easy way to manage instances on private and public cloud. It supports technologies like virtual machines, containers. It displays the state of environment in the browser. It provides option to control chargeback, services to end user. ManageIQ has also used to optimize performance and utilization of environment. ManageIQ developed using Ruby, and available on Github. It is open source, which make it easy to contribute. [Read More]